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    Princeton Initiative in Catholic Thought


    Ratio et Gratia

    The Princeton Initiative in Catholic Thought is a new project of the Catholic Princeton community that aims to sponsor and organize a wide variety of high-caliber courses, lectures, seminars, and other offerings relating to Catholic thought. We offer all our events and programming to interested students and scholars of any background or worldview, always aiming to bring each topic to fruitful contact with human life and reflection here and now.

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    30 Aug 2020

    Theology Reading Group

    A weekly reading group for Princeton graduate students, young professionals, and junior scholars, with a focus on theology and associated fields. 

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    30 Aug 2020

    Ave: Femininity, Gender, & the Self-Body Relationship

    A study group for women aged twenty to thirty which aims to explore the contemporary dynamics between men and women through the lens of the self-body relationship.

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    Lectures & Seminars

    In the 2021-22 academic year, PICT will sponsor two courses in the fall and one in the spring. In the fall, Director Christopher-Marcus Gibson will offer the freshman seminar, Happiness & Being Human in Catholic Thought, and Professor Lara Buchak will offer an upper level undergraduate course on faith and knowledge of God. In the spring, Daniel Rubio, postdoctoral research associate in Philosophy and Religion, will offer an upper level undergraduate course on God and Human Nature in Catholic Thought.


    Our Gallery

    Take a look at photos and recordings from our recent and past events.


    Showcasing Contemporary Catholic Thought

    The Initiative devotes itself not only to exploring the best reasons that can be given for Catholic understandings of human questions but also to raising questions at the frontiers of Catholic thought. We welcome you to think them through with us.


    Supporting Our Vision

    With the help of your support, we hope to grow the scope of the Initiative to bring riches from every area of Catholic thought to tomorrow’s students and scholars. If you are interested in learning more about our work and how you can support it, contact us to start the conversation.



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