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    Princeton Initiative in Catholic Thought


    Ratio et Gratia

    The Princeton Initiative in Catholic Thought is a new academic program that aims to sponsor and organize a wide variety of high-caliber university courses, lectures, seminars, and other academic offerings relating to Catholic thought.

    Theology Reading Group

    A weekly reading group for Princeton graduate students, young professionals, and junior scholars, with a focus on theology and associated fields. 

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    Ave: Femininity, Gender, & the Self-Body Relationship

    A study group for women aged twenty to thirty which aims to explore the contemporary dynamics between men and women through the lens of the self-body relationship.

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    In the time I’ve spent participating in PICT events, the way I look at my college experience and opportunities has already been transformed. The readings and conversations I’ve had at seminars and study groups have shown me a kind of intellectual life I was hungering for without even knowing it, and each week I find myself looking forward to exploring more. I can’t wait to see what PICT will offer next.

    - Student